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Târgu Mureș - city info

Târgu Mureș (Marosvásárhely in Hungarian or Neumarkt am Mieresch in German) is located in Mureș county, in the heart of Transylvania. It was first mentioned in the papal titles in 1334, as Novum Forum Siculorum (The New Szekler Market), named literally for a ‘market’ on Mures river.

In the 17th century, it received the title of free royal town, and it soon became an important cultural, religious and educational center for the Szeklers in Transylvania.

Târgu Mureș became a modern town in the second half of the 19th century, along with the expansion of the railway line. Today its centrally located Piața Trandafirilor (Roses Square) is lined with modern streetside cafes and restaurants, churches, and monuments.

The town’s top attractions are located around the main square:

If you stay here for a few days, do not miss the opportunity to visit some of the most important landmarks in the area, like the Medieval Citadel of Sighisoara – a UNESCO heritage site, the Rhédey Castle in Sângeorgiu de Pădure  – where you will find out about HRH Queen Elisabeth II’s ancestors, you can visit the world’s largest heliothermic lake, the Bear Lake in Sovata or the imposing Teleki Castle in Gornești.

If you can’t decide on what to visit, ask for help at the Visit Mures tourist information office, right in the center of the city or download the Visit Mures app for FREE here:

Congress venue information

Located in the middle of Transylvania with a tradition of 75 years of medical and pharmaceutical education, the University became academically stronger as a result of the merger, in 2018, with the „Petru Maior” University, another prestigious higher education institution in Târgu Mureş.

Thus, the university has acquired a new configuration, currently carrying out, within its seven faculties, programmes at bachelor and master level, as well as doctoral and postgraduate programs of study in three different languages Romanian, Hungarian and English.

The university has a complete educational and research infrastructure, consisting of teaching and research laboratories, the University library, lecture halls, and many other facilities for students, material resources that provide a modern, dynamic educational process with complex activities.

Today we are a comprehensive university, an institution of high quality and new dimensions.

We pride ourselves in being the only university of Medicine and Pharmacy in Romania which has in its structure everything that modern medicine means or can mean in the future. Thus, we are a unique university, and this advantage is our source of progress.

Professor Leonard Azamfirei, PhD

Accommodation information

Hotel Privo

Privo is a hotel concept located in a private and quiet area close to the Târgu Mureș city centre, where history and modernism complement each other to create an eminent style. It is a minimalist haven for business and all-out relaxation where design creates a warm and welcoming dialogue with the historic ensemble formed by Villa Csonka and the surrounding park.

The hotel offers its guests exclusive rooms and apartments that will redefine comfort and design criteria.

Hotel Privo is where two of our social events will take place, and is also the accommodation location for our Invited Speakers. 

Hotel Grand

Grand Hotel, located in a central area, brings comfort to the highest levels. The 4 stars are the proof that every time you come back to our hotel, you are surrounded by a feeling of comfort without boundaries in Grand style. We say this when it comes to impressive columns dressed in stained glass, sculptures or crystal curtains.

Agreed rates for RSN Congress 2023 attendees:

  • standard single 4* = 58€ / room / night
  • standard double / twin 4* = 69€ / room /night

Hotel Plaza V

The Plaza V Hotel is situated in the heart of the city of Târgu Mureș offers modern and colourfully styled rooms with free access to the spa and fitness centre. The new restaurant Purple 33 with modern contemporary cuisine invites all guests to serve their meals daily.

Agreed rates for RSN Congress 2023 attendees:

  • Standard Single 4* = 80€ / room / night
  • Standard Double / Twin 4* = 100€ / room / night
  • Superior Single 4* = 97€ / room / night
  • Superior Double / Twin 4* = 120€ / room / night
  • Deluxe Single 5* = 107€ / room / night
  • Deluxe Double / Twin 5* = 130€ / room / night 

Hotel Continental

The Continental Forum Hotel in Târgu Mureș is the ideal location both for people traveling for business purposes and for tourists who want to discover the city. Regardless of the purpose of the trip, our hotel welcomes its guests in a welcoming and warm environment, and our team will ensure the best accommodation conditions in Târgu Mureș.

Agreed rates for RSN Congress 2023 attendees:

  • Standard Single = 50€ / room / night
  • Standard Double = 62€ / room / night
  • Deluxe Single = 58€ / room / night
  • Deluxe Double = 70€ / room / night