Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission deadline has expired!

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Please DO NOT use the contact form for abstract submissions!

Abstract Submission Instructions:

Registration for Congress attendance and fee payment is mandatory before submitting any abstract information.

  • The presenter will send the material only if he or a co-author agrees to register, pay for and participate at the RSN CONGRESS 2023 to present the scientific paper.
  • Registration and payment is mandatory in the submission process. All presenters must be registered for the event by September 15, 2023, otherwise the abstract will not be reviewed, approved and/or included in the Book of Abstracts of RSN CONGRESS 2023 (ISSN volume).
  • Make sure that the contact information you submit is correct because it will be used for further correspondence via email. Pay attention to the authors’ and institutions’ names in English.
  • Make sure your e-mail address is the correct one in order for contact with the Congress Secretariat to be enabled.
  • Each presenting author may submit and present a maximum of 3 abstracts.
  • Abstracts must be submitted by using the submission form below.

Preparation of your Abstract Document

  • Main Author - Individual who is submitting the abstract. All correspondence will be done with the main author.
  • The abstract title - limited to 200 characters UPPER CASE.
  • The abstract title should be as short as possible, eloquent for the content of the presentation.
  • The identification of the author must include the following information in the exact same order: First name, Last name, Institution, Department, City, Country.
  • The abstract text - limited to aprox. 350 words, max 2400 characters (including: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusions) covers:
    • The clear objectives of the study.
    • The key elements of each stage of the study.
    • The most important conclusions and their scientific significance.
    • Keywords (up to five)
  • List of Authors – Up to 5 authors can be included. Their full names with credentials, city and state or country must be included.
  • It is not recommended to postulate that “the results will be discussed during the oral presentation” or that “other data will be presented later”.
  • Disclosure of conflict of interest — This is required for the presenting author.

As the scientific presentations are published in English, they will be written in accordance with international requirements.

Available topics list for the submitting author(s):

  1. Vascular Neurosurgery
  2. Spinal Neurosurgery
  3. Neuro-Oncology
  4. Skull Base
  5. Critical Care
  6. Pediatric Neurosurgery
  7. Radiosurgery
  8. Functional Neurosurgery
  9. Adult CSF Disorders
  10. Peripheral Nerve Surgery
  11. Young Neurosurgeons Corner
  12. History, Ethics and Education
  13. Trends and Innovation


Thank you for your active participation in the programme of RSN CONGRESS 2023!